Margaret Mahy’s Rumbustifications

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Yvonne Mackay, long time friend of Margaret Mahy preserves the legacy of one of New Zealand’s greatest authors in this DVD collection. Funded by ProductionShed.TV and Creative New Zealand, this DVD is distributed by TVNZ and Roadshow.


Margaret Mahy was famous for reading her work to children, but the enchantment of those readings has never been recorded and made available – until now.

Imagine a world where your favourite author read your favourite stories to you. A world where your most treasured characters came to life as the stories were read aloud. In this magical and enchanting series, the beauty and legacy of children’s author Margaret Mahy comes vividly to life, as never before.

Sitting with her grandchildren, Margaret reads some of her most famous works. Blending animation and imagination, the characters in these tales and poems from Mahy spring to life and breathe life into her words and tales, in front of you. From the likes of Down the Back of the Chair, to Bubble Trouble, the stories are delightful and will have audiences of all ages captivated.

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Margaret Mahy’s Rumbustifications is a seamless mix of live action and post-production animation and sound design. This collection preserves the creative legacy and honours the magical memory of one of New Zealand’s most well-renowned writers for children and families now and generations to come.

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