Margaret Mahy’s Rumbustifications 2

Out now on DVD; available at JB Hi-Fi, The Warehouse and online at and

Margaret Mahy was famous for reading her work to children, but the enchantment of those readings has never been recorded and made available on film, until now.

Margaret Mahy's Rumbustifications 2 (1280x905)

Horrakapotchkin! It’s Margaret Mahy! An entertainer in every sense of the word, her stories are the kind that send giggles around classrooms, and capture the spirit of childhood in a very rare and special way. With Margaret Mahy’s Rumbustifications 2, join the magic once more as one of the world’s greatest children’s writers and wordsmiths reads her own work, the way she interprets it to her granddaughters, Biddy and Julia. Titles include enchanting Mahy classics; A Lion in the Meadow, The Great White Man-Eating Shark, The Witch in the Cherry Tree and many of her poems; cautionary tales, upside down/inside out rhymes and fandandical ballads galore!

Margaret Mahy’s Rumbustifications 2 is a seamless mix of live action, illustration, and sound design. This second DVD of the collection preserves the creative legacy and honours the magical memory of one of New Zealand’s most well-renowned writers, for children and families now and generations to come.