StoryTree is a short-form preschool format show produced by ProductionShed.TV for KidZone24. Featuring stories by New Zealand writers Joy Cowley and Margaret Mahy, as well as traditional children’s stories; such as Three Little PigsThe Gingerbread Man; and original stories by up-and-coming Kiwi writers. Starring Katrina Baylis as Ms Treeleaf.



Long ago there were forests of StoryTrees where stories were kept and whispered from tree to tree through the rustling sound of leaves. Now there is only one StoryTree, and in order for the treasures it holds to be preserved, Ms Treeleaf and the storytellers were born to listen to StoryTree’s whispers and share its tales. For it is only through sharing the stories of generations, old and new, that the magic that is storytelling will live on. So if children listen close, and pay attention, they too can share the stories with their friends and family and the world will remain one of magic and wonder.